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Living the Dream!

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Shot live at the Forum by CLAWSON

What is living the dream? Of course it's different for everyone, but what got me thinking about this statement?

Over the years I have used " I'm Living the Dream" as the answer to when someone would ask me "How's it going?" Often times this would happen in a work setting, and most people would laugh a little, as they thought I was making a joke or being sarcastic... I was not joking or being sarcastic.

The picture in this post is from a video I produced for a launch campaign of Dave Mustaine's signature guitar pick up with Seymour Duncan.

Here is a little back story on this video and what I consider "Living the Dream"

I traveled to Nashville to shoot the interview with Dave at a beautiful recording studio called the West Barn owned by my friend Joe West. I also stood 5 feet away from Dave as I filmed him playing my favorite Megadeth song "Holy Wars".

Back in L.A. when they played the Forum, I was in front of the stage filming Megadeth play "Holy Wars" live.

So as a guitar player (who grew up on metal and still loves it!) an audio engineer who loves being in a beautiful recording studio like the West Barn, a video producer, and marketer, you can see why I feel truly grateful and feel that I am indeed "Living the dream".

Let's face it, not every single minute of life is going to be "Living the Dream" I do sometimes have to drive in L.A. traffic... but I love what I do and encourage others to find, and live their dream.

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